"Ukraine - China": promising investments at the present stage of development

September 12, 2017, a forum on investment with the participation of the Chinese delegation of the Baoan District took place in the conference center of the Confucius Institute Educational and Cultural Center of South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University named after  K. D. Ushynsky, within the framework of the international project "One Belt - One way "initiated by the Government of the People's Republic of China.


The Chinese side participated in the event: Mr. Zhang Zhibiao, Head of Delegation, Director of the Standing Committee of the People's Congress of the Baoan District People's Congress; Mr. Zhang Yu, Head of Baoan Office of Public Relations Office; Mr. Lu Zhixian, Deputy Director of the Baoan District Investment Agency; Mr. Huang Tiaiga, director of the Baoan District People's Hospital; Mr. Li Xiaoshi, Investment Expert at Baoan District Investment Agency.


The Ukrainian side at the international event was presented by: Academician Olexii Yakovych Chebykin, the Rector of Ushynsky University, who spoke as moderator of the forum, Svetlana Boyeva, the Director of the Department of International Affairs of the Odessa City Council; Inna Olexiivna Prykhodko, the Deputy Director of the Department of Health Protection of the Odessa City Council, the specialists of the Department of International Relations, Euro-Interaction and Logistics of the State Enterprise "Administration of Seaports of Ukraine"; representatives of the Department of Economic Development of the Odessa City Council, as well as Odessa universities.

Among the promising vectors of international cooperation between Ukraine and China, the forum participants identified the following:

Investment opportunities (economic, structural, road transport, construction, medical, educational, etc.) for the development of the Baoan District of the People's Republic of China;

Innovative technologies in the production of shipbuilding concrete (Professor M.V. Zavoloka, the Department of Production of Building Products and Structures of the Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture);

Innovative prospects for the production of seismic signal and sound sensors (Prof. O. R. Gokhman, associate professor V. Zhukovsky, the Department of Physics, Ushynskoy University);

Innovative Technologies in Agrochemistry, Engineering Software and Sensorics (Professor V. V. Golovanov, the Department of Physics, Ushynsky University);

Achievements in the field of radiation safety and the creation of new nanodevices (Prof. A. Yu.Kiv, the Department of Innovative Technologies and Methods of Teaching Natural Sciences at Ushynsky University):

Logistics in the context of the "One Belt One Way" Program: Maritime Transportation (Professor M. Ya. Poshtan, the Department of Management and Marketing of Maritime Transportation of Odessa National Maritime University), etc.


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