Participation of students of the specialty 052 "Political Science" in a scientific-practical conference

March 28, 2019, students and postgraduates of the specialty 052 "Political Science" under the direction of the head of the Department of Political Sciences and Law Prof. S.M. Naumkina took part in the 4th All-Ukrainian Scientific Conference of Students and Young Scientists at the University of Alfred Nobel (Dnipro). Ushynsky University has been presented by the students of the first, second and third years of studying of the specialty 052 "Political Science", who prepared speeches on the issues of political institutions and processes, international relations, media relations and civil society. The student of the second year Iryna Mitsko and the third year student Vasyl Gorobets have been awarded for the best reports. Congratulations!


Пустая синяя полоска

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