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The state institution “South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University named after K.D. Ushynsky” has ancient and illustrious traditions as to training of high level specialists, notably specialists in medical-biological course. Training is carried out by famous teachers and scientists, namely Doctors of Medical Science, professors O. Y. Shtenherts, I.I. Ilin, G. M. Sary-Lievi, V. S. Sokolovskyi, Doctors of Biological Science, professors T.M. Tsonieva, B.M. Halkin, S.A. Kuznietsov, U.O. Mikhalov, a range of proficient candidates of science, docents. 

The Departments of Anatomy and Physiology have been providing the speciality “teacher of anatomy and physiology” for 17 years. At that moment the university introduced a laboratory of physiology of aging that explores the health of children and youth, their functional reserves and adaptive capacity. The laboratory operates till nowadays. 

The university is famous for almost 20-year-old experience in training of nurses.

In 2019, the University developed training of specialists at education qualification level of Master in specialty 222 «Medicine» in the field of knowledge 22 «Health».  

Education term (6 years), graduates of this education program acquire an education degree “Master” in specialty “Doctor of Medicine”.

Students training is carried out in the Ukrainian, Russian (for foreign students who speak Russian) and English languages at the theoretical and clinical departments of the faculty. A high quality of traditional medical education of the university is highly appreciated by students throughout the world. 

On the basis of parity there have been formed the Consortium that comprised the state institution “South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University named after K.D. Ushynsky”; local clinical hospital of Odessa № 11; the state institution «Ukrainian Research Institute of Medical Rehabilitation and Balneology of Ministry of Health of Ukraine»; Treatment and Health Complex «Bila Akatsiya». The main objective of the Consortium is an effort integration of members of the Consortium in terms of management of educational, scientific, educational and methodological, organizational and other types of activities in order to provide medical specialists professionally skilled at the international level to National Health System. 

The state institution «South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University named after K.D. Ushynsky» is one of the first education establishments which implemented an interactive table that enables to use program software for 3D anatomical atlases on the basis of OC Windows for training of students that:

  • enhances efficiency of academic process and attractiveness of education establishment for applicants;
  • enables to demonstrate all organs and human systems when interacting with high dividing capacity of 4K;
  • provides a three-dimensional display and animation with instruments of cuts and bends. 

Our university has a developed base for teaching academic subjects of Medical Faculty through employment of interdisciplinary approaches creating proper conditions for shaping and improving educational and medical thinking capacity of future doctors and forming their future generation. 

The university has a highly developed social infrastructure. The services for undergraduates and academic staff include modern halls of residence, catering system, first-aid post, sports complex (including specialized sports halls, shooting range, equipped stadiums, and sports courts). 

There is a health camp «Burevisnyk» used in education and educational training processes and health activity during warm season. It comprises a water station, a football field, and handball, mini-football, baseball and volleyball grounds, sports grounds for tennis, badminton, track and field athletics, tourism, etc.

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