Guwanch Esenov, Mahri Abdyrahmanova and Muhammet Ashyrdurdiev


Hello! We are Guwanch Esenov, Mahri Abdyrahmanova and Muhammet Ashyrdurdiev, and we are all 4th year students of South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University named after K. D. Ushynsky. Here, we study English, German and Russian at the Institute of World Languages. We chose SUNPU because we wanted to have the enriching experience of living abroad and learning about other cultures. Moreover, the university has an excellent reputation. We believe that our education here has been exceptional.

Guwanch: I am from Lebap, a northeastern province of Turkmenistan. My mother and father are both physicians. After graduation, I am looking forward to being a foreign language teacher in my country.

Mahri: I am from the city of Mary, in the southeastern part of Turkmenistan. My parents are both mathematics teachers, and I will continue in the family tradition of teaching when I return to my country.

Muhammet: I am also from Mary. My mother is a primary school teacher and my father is a veterinarian. Following the completion of my studies, I am hoping to find a job as a translator.

We all love living in Odessa. The weather is very fine in the autumn and the spring, and the winters are usually not too cold. It is wonderful to live so near the Black Sea, and we enjoy visiting the beaches when we have free time. We also like to play football and chess as well as to watch films when we want to relax. Odessa is a very beautiful city, and it is very pleasant just to walk along the tree-lined streets.


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