REPORT for 2014-2015 academic year

Lecturers from V4 visited the state institution «South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University named after K.D. Ushynsky» under the project of  Visegrad Fund, which started in November 1, 2013.

Yaroslav Polishchuk, professor of Ukrainian Studies of the Jagiellonian University (Krakow, Poland) visited University with a lecture on the topic: «Effect of mental traits to develop state» in December 3, 2014. During the lecture the relation of the problems of the socio-cultural and psychological-mental characteristics of the people with the form of organization of their political life, the level of democracy and the developing of civil society in the country were discovered. The comparative analysis of the mental specifics of Ukrainian society and mental specifics of population of V4 countries had been done.

 Lyubor Matejko (professor of Bratislava University named after Jan Amos Komensky, head of the Russian East Studies department of the Faculty of Philosophy) visited university in December 6, 2014.  He gave two lectures to students of Master program in Historical and Philosophical department of the Faculty of psychological education. The topic was «Historical heritage in transformation processes in the countries of the Visegrad Four».

Peter Wagner, the Director of stability and development (in. Prague, Czech Republic) visited our university in December 9 -12, 2014. He gave two lectures to students of Historical and Philosophical department of the Faculty of psychological education on the topic:  «Historical heritage of Visegrad countries and Ukraine».


Unfortunately, Professor Nemeth Orsoloya (Budapest) couldn’t visit the University and give a lecture due to technical reasons



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