Employers reviews about Ushynsky University

We express our gratitude to the pedagogical staff of the University headed by Rector O.Ya. Chebykin , as well as to the methodologists, the head of pedagogical practice A.L. Ishchenko for the high theoretical training of students, who prove to be competent specialists responsible for their work. They use new techniques in their work. They can skillfully organize the staff and use modern techniques of individual approach to children. Also they contribute a creative impulse to the children's pedagogical. Children are drawn to them, active, and sometimes recover faster.

Reviews from Employers about Ushynsky University

"For many years I have been in charge of the school team and I always feel the great efforts that the teachers of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics have made in order to make us highly skilled. As a school principal, I have to give teachers the best methodological and psychological solutions. At the same time, I have repeatedly recalled the advice and guidance received from my teachers. I want to wish all future teachers and leaders of the educational branch to receive a specialty studying at such a faculty as the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of Ushynsky University.


 Valerii Ivanovych Minkovskyi Director of the municipal institution "Odesa comprehensive boarding school of I-II levels No.6"

October 1, 2018

Reviews from Employers about Ushynsky University

"I am always pleased to recall my studies at the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of Ushynsky University. The years of my training allowed me not only to acquire knowledge in physics and mathematics, but also taught me how to teach children. I mean the methodical training of future teachers, which has always been given great attention at the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics. I have a lot of contacts with graduates of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics and I know that among them there are well-known teachers, graduates of education, directors of schools. Many thanks to our teachers, lecturers and mentors. "

 Mykola Vasylovych Martunyuk  

Director of Vynogradar comprehensive school of I-III levels of the Rozdilnyansky district council in Odesa region

October 1, 2018

Reviews from Employers about Ushynsky University

"In my opinion, Ushynsky University of is the best pedagogical university in Ukraine. Graduates of school No.4 are willing to choose this university for high-quality higher education. It trains specialists of various specialties and areas. The teaching staff has a high level of qualification and introduces new effective methods learning in the educational process. We confidently recommend Ushynsky University of to all applicants who aspire to become true professionals".


Natalia Olexandrivna Abbas

Director of Odesa comprehensive school of І-ІІІ levels No. 4 of the Odesa City Council in Odesa region

September 21, 2018

Reviews from Employers about Ushynsky University

"Recently, my colleagues and I visited our university, which graduated over 20 years ago. We were impressed by the modern material base, an open museum of university history and very intelligent teachers who talked about how they prepare modern students. Today, in Nerubaysk gymnasium, more than 80% of teachers are graduates of Ushynsky University. All of them have good training and successfully organize the educational process with the students. It is unlikely that there will be a rector who would conduct classes with schoolchildren in psychology, as Academician Oleksii Chebykin did in our gymnasium. We are also glad to other teachers who speak to our pedagogical staff.

With admiration and pride I appreciate the success of the university. "

Zubrytska Svitlana Petrivna

Director of Nerubaysky Educational Complex "School-Gymnasium" of Bilyaivka district in Odesa region

May 19, 2017

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