The Institute of Postgraduate Education and Certification

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The Institute of Postgraduate Education and Certification is the successor of the Faculty of Postgraduate Education and Work with Foreign Citizens that was founded on 27 September, 2009. Currently, it has three divisions: the Division of Personnel Retraining, the Division of Further Training, and Preparatory Division for Foreigners.

The Institute provides proficiency enhancement and internship in various specialties. Postgraduate training is carried out by all the departments of the university; they offer a wide range of innovative programmes for training staff for business organisations, institutions of education, culture and sports according to the standards of business or service industry.   

The Institute is the regional centre for certification of standardised curricula and academic programmes, conducting refresher courses and carrying out certification of qualification of the personnel engaged in organising and conducting professional skills training in a business environment, in particular theoretical instruction teachers and industrial training instructors who teach the peculiarities of  organising personnel training, conducting educational process in a business environment, fundamentals of pedagogy and teaching methods, etc.

Besides, one the divisions of the Institute offers preparation of foreign citizens for admission into higher educational institutions of Ukraine to study humanities, natural sciences, etc. Pre-university training is carried out by the Department of General Subjects and Language Training of Foreign Citizens.  

International students from Vietnam, Ecuador, Iraq, China, Mongolia, Germany, Syria, the USA, Tunisia, Turkey, and other countries are receiving language training for further studying at higher educational institutions.

The Institute address: 1, Nishchinskoho Str., Odesa, Ukraine, 65029.

Telephone: +38 (048) 718-57-23.

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