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The Faculty of Music and Choreography has rich traditions and considerable experience in training competent teaching staff in the sphere of artistic education. Since 1 September, 1966, it has become one of the most important centres for children and youth’s aesthetic education, development of research on the issues of music and choreographic education, art history, artistic culture.

There are four departments at the Faculty: the Department of Music Art and Choreography, Musical and Vocal Theory, Music and Instrumental Training, Conductor and Choral Training, where 7 Doctors of Sciences, professors and 22 Candidates of Sciences, associate professors, including 2 People’s Artists of Ukraine, 4 Honoured Artists and Honoured Workers of Ukraine, are working.   

Students get Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in the main field of study “Music Education”, “Secondary Education (Music Art)” and “Secondary Education (Choreography)” with specializations in “Artistic Culture” and “Directing Mass Music and Educatory Events”. The graduates obtain the qualification of a music art teacher (teacher of vocal and musical instruments as well as conductor and choral, musical historical and theoretical disciplines) as well as a choreography teacher. Highly professional preparation of students in various forms of creativity is confirmed by the results of international and national contests, festivals and academic competitions. Every year the students take part in creative competitions and win about 40 prizes.

About 60 international students from China, Iran, Ecuador, Turkey, etc. are educated at the Faculty. The Faculty lecturers are annually involved into academic exchange programmes for giving master-classes, participating in research and practice conferences and music forums in Greece, Germany, Poland, France, Finland, Belorussia, Moldova and other countries. Some lecturers showed their mastery in South Korea, Italy, Germany, Croatia, etc.    

The graduates interested in and capable of research have an opportunity to take a postgraduate course. The Faculty staff with their creative capacity make it possible to deal with the issues of educational process modernization and further development of the Faculty, which requires balanced combination of best traditions of domestic music and choreographic teacher education with best examples of European educational system. The Faculty team is ready to accept new approaches, to implement innovative technologies and to update training specialists of artistic education in the context of integration into the European and World Education Space.

The Faculty address: 4, Fontanska doroha Str., Odesa, Ukraine, 65009.

Telephone: +38-048-705-46-64.

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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