Student Council

Student Council is a body of student self-government, the purpose of which is to create conditions for the self-realization of students' personality and the formation of organizational skills, leadership qualities, responsibility for the result of their work, etc.

The activities of student self-government are aimed at ensuring the education of spirituality and culture of students of the University, the growth of their social activity.
The main tasks of the Student Council are:
- protection of the rights and interests of students that are studying;
-ensuring that students perform their duties;
-assistance with the educational, scientific and creative activities of students;
-assistance with improving the living and leisure conditions of students;
-carrying out work aimed at raising the awareness of students and their demands on the level of their knowledge, education of patriotic attitude to the spirit and traditions of the university.

The Student Council operates on the principles of openness, equality of students' rights, independence from the influence of political parties and movements, public and religious organizations.


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