Peng Jianjian


My name is Peng Jianjian. Five years ago, I came to Odesa from China to study at South Ukrainian State Pedagogical University named after K. D. Ushynsky. Now I am a student of the 6th course of the Institute of Physics and Mathematics where I specialize in Computer Science.

My student life has been pleasant as a whole. In this beautiful seaside city, there are many people who are willing to reach out and give a help. The faculty and classmates at the university have helped make my day-to-day life very easy.

Odesa is rich with its history, culture, and traditions, and it is always interesting for me to learn about the history of Ukraine and the everyday life of Ukrainians. This knowledge will be very valuable for me in the future when I return to China.

I think when my studies will have ended, I have an excellent education from a great university, I will have knowledge of the Russian language, and I will be an experienced specialist in my field. I believe this university can help me open the wide horizons in my life and find the best place in the world.


Пустая синяя полоска

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