Zhou Cong


My name is Zhou Cong . I am from China. In 2007, I came to Odessa and studied at South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University named after K. D. Ushynsky. I am so pleased to be a student in our university. Now I am a sixth-year student in the Institute of Language and Literature.

Odessa is my second hometown. I love this beautiful seaside city: the Black sea, the Seaport, the Opera Theatre, Potemkin Steps, as well as many churches and parks. Everything about this city, I will remember forever .The people in this city are very warm and kind; they are willing to help foreigners.

Our university is one of the leading pedagogical educational establishments in the South of Ukraine. Almost 100.000 professionals have graduated from our University .The university has established a good educational program and environment for every student.

I am learning English, Russian and German. We have foreign lecturers from the USA and Germany. This knowledge will be very valuable for me in the future.

I am enjoying my student life .Thanks to our university, thanks to my teachers, thanks for all your support and help; I will never forget my student’s life in our university.


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