The International Day of the Confucius Institutes was celebrated in Odessa Region

September 29, 2017, in the City Garden of Odessa, the Educational and Cultural Center "Confucius Institute" for the fourth time held the solemn event "International Day of Confucius Institutes", which was attended by students and trainers of South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University named after K. D. Ushynsky, trainers and students from leading educational institutions, representatives of the Chinese diaspora, mass media, as well as Chinese language course students, students of Odessa higher institutions, guests and residents of South Palmyra.

Congratulatory speech was given by the Vice-Consul of the People's Republic of China in Odessa Mr. Guo Honglian, the Rector of Ushynsky University Olexiy Yakovych Chebykin and the Director of the Department of International Affairs of Odessa City Council Svitlana Yuriyivna Boyeva.

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