"Gender in the Revolution, War and Peacebuilding"

October 6-8, an international scientific and practical conference "Gender in the Revolution, War and Peacebuilding " was held at Ushynsky University. The organizers of the conference were the Department of Political Science and Law of Ushynsky University (Odesa, Svetlana Numkina), the NGO Women in the War (Paris, Carol Mann), and the NGO "Center for the Development of Democracy" (Kyiv, Ella Lamakh).

The greetings to the participants had the following: Oleksiy Chebykin (Rector of Ushinsky University), Yuriy Dimchoglo (deputy chairman of the Odesa Regional Council), Yuri Maslov (chairman of the Odesa Regional Council's Deputy Group "EU Strategy for the Danube Region"), Sylvain Rigole (postdoc on scientific issues and university co-operation of the French Embassy in Ukraine), Carol Mann (director of the Public Organization "Women in War" (Paris), Ella Lamakh (head of the NGO "Center for the Development of Democracy" (Kyiv), Svetlana Naumkina (head of the Department of Political Science and Law).



The key speakers at the conference were Maria Berlinska (director of the Aerodrome Support Center, Ukraine), Margaret Owen (lawyer, director of the Widows for Peace (Great Britain) NGO, Goliya Golan (peace activist in Israel, Hon. Professor, University of Jerusalem, Israel).

The participants of the conference tried to assess the achievements and losses of women in personal and collective rights and opportunities, their impact on gender relations and world-building, discussed the concept of modern hybrid wars and related challenges, as well as recommendations on the protection of women's rights during wars and post-war defense and law enforcement.

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