The competition of the best innovative projects of Odessa starts!

The Department of Economic Development of the Odessa City Council on October 9, 2017 announces applications and innovative projects for participation in the city competition "Best Innovation Project".

"The Best Innovation Project" is a contest of innovations, promising ideas and projects for students, scientists and inventors, citizens of Odessa, individuals entrepreneurs and legal entities  - authors of projects on innovation development, technologies and products.

To participate in the competition, project developers are invited in the following categories:

  1. Energy-saving technologies;
  2. Nanotechnologies and new materials;
  3. IT and telecommunications;
  4. Industrial technologies;
  5. Transport and machine building;
  6. Effective building materials and technologies;
  7. Ecology and rational use of nature;
  8. Housing and communal services;
  9. Social sphere;
  10. Others.

Contact person: Maslennikova Svitlana Victorivna, tel. 705 46 23,

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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