Development of transversal competencies of future teachers


On February 16, 2021, a working meeting was held at Ushynsky University on the preparation of an international project for the development of transversal competencies in future teachers and specialists in the field of socionomics in general.

The University group consisting of Doctor in Pedagogy, Professor Knyazheva I.A., Doctor in Pedagogy, Professor Koycheva T.I., Doctor in Pedagogy, Professor Ordanovska O.I., Doctor in Political Sciences, Professor Muzichenko H.V., Ph.D. in Psychology, Associate Professor Kosyanova O. Yu., Ph.D. in Psychology, Associate Professor Pivovarchyk I.M., Ph.D. in Pedagogy, Associate Professor Stryga E.V., lecturer Tagieva I.S. discussed the work of domestic experts, their own experience and the experience gained by University staff in previous international projects, as well as the available recommendations of European colleagues and international organizations to determine the range of transversal competencies, their importance in the training of modern competitive personnel for education.

 As a result of the meeting a common vision of the concept of transversal competencies of the future teacher and specialist of the socionomic sphere in general was defined, their main components, ways of their formation and further development through educational components of training programs were determined.

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