Congratulations to the team of Ushynsky University in taekwondo


On February 21, 2021, the XXIX regional student games among higher education institutions took place in our city. Congratulations to the students of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Physical Culture, Sports and Rehabilitation with a significant victory. Students of 6 free economic zones of our city took part in competitions. In their categories, the winners were:

Lipatova Julianna - 1st place

Dovga Catherine - 1st place

Gamurar Julia - 2nd place

Nesteruk Vitaliy - 1st place

Symanyuk Victor - 1st place

Rahimi Rashid - 2nd place

According to the results of the competition, the national team took the 1st place.

Team representative at the competition - Associate Professor of Gymnastics and Martial Arts Chustrak Anatoly Petrovych.

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