Victory of Ushynsky University students in the International Competition "VIENNA WALTZ"


The students of the Faculty of Music and Choreography took part in the International Competition of Musical and Artistic Creativity "VIENNA WALTZ" ("Vienna Waltz"), which took place in Vienna in February 2021. This project is supported by a number of European cultural organizations: Sommerstudio (Salzburg, Austria) Vorhang AUF! (Vienna, Austria) Sanartis (Prague, Czech Republic). The jury of the competition, which included teachers from the Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts, the Academy of Music of Salzburg, the Vienna Theater Association, praised the level of ensemble performance of Zhuan Xin, Li Hunyan, Di Tanchao, Anna Grabovska and awarded our contestants ensemble"!

Congratulations to our talented young people and their teachers, associate professor of music and instrumental training Gorozhankina O.Yu. and senior lecturer Mamykina A.I. and we wish them inspiration for new victories!

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