A new form of international project activity of teachers of the Department of Music Art and Choreography


Professor of the Department of Musical Arts and Choreography G.Yu. Nikolai has been invited to participate in the International Cultural and Artistic Educational Project: “Communication. Education. Art".

As part of the project, on April 16-25, an online workshop on children's choreography was held for choreographers of amateur groups and teachers of choreographic disciplines. Together with his former graduate student, T.L. Povaliy, PhD in Pedagogical Sciences, who is a senior lecturer at the Department of Psychology, Political Science and Sociocultural Technologies of Sumy State University, Professor G.Yu. Nicholai held a webinar on "The system of musical and rhythmic education of Emile Jacques-Dalcroze."

The subject of the project is quite diverse. This is the history of Ukrainian folk music for choreographers; principles of cooperation of the choreographer of children's and youth amateur collective with the composer; Ukrainian folk music art; the relationship of musical drama with choreography; formation of the psychological climate in the choreographic team, etc.

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