Public discussion of the ESP project "Philosophy" in specialty 033 "Philosophy" field of knowledge 03 "Humanities"

On January 2, 2022, a discussion of the ESP project "Philosophy" at the third (educational-scientific) level of higher education in specialty 033 "Philosophy" of the field of knowledge 03 "Humanities" took place in an online format. Scientific and pedagogical staff of the Department of Philosophy, Sociology and Management of Socio-Cultural Activities took part in the discussion, in particular, the head of the department, Prof. Euvhen Borinshtein, guarantor of the program,    Prof. Oksana Petinova, members of the support group (Assoc. Prof. Zoya Atamanyuk, Assoc. Prof. Halyna Wright), as well as graduate students, representatives of the academic community, stakeholders.

Пустая синяя полоска

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