Meeting with the representative of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine

01On March 22, a meeting of education seekers with a representative of the Main Department of the State Emergency Service of Odesa Region took place at Ushynsky University. The meeting was attended by the senior lieutenant of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine Vladyslav BAGNYUK, the vice-rector for administrative and economic activities Yuriy HRYTSYUK and the leading civil protection specialist of the administrative and economic unit Ivan STANKEVICH.

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The specialist of the main administration familiarized those present with the rules of behavior when detecting explosive objects. Visually demonstrated the rules of safe use of a fire extinguisher so that students have fire prevention skills. In addition, all possible problems of danger, ways of its elimination and prevention were discussed. University specialists gave many life examples, and the special vigilance of students in the conditions of martial law was repeatedly emphasized.



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