Another convincing creative victory of students of Ushynsky University


A record number of prize cities in various age categories and nominations were won by students of the Faculty of Music and Choreography at a competition in Bulgaria, which confirmed the high level of musical performance of professional training of future music teachers.

Remember those who have gone missing


To the 77th anniversary of the liberation of Odesa in World War II. Remember!

A new form of presentation of the elective course "Physiology of Choreography"


At the Faculty of Music and Choreographic Education of Ushynsky University a new form of presentation of the elective course "Physiology of Choreography" for students of specialties 014 Secondary Education (Choreography) and 024 Choreography in terms of distance form of organization of the educational process. The working program of the specified elective discipline and video-presentation were prepared and carried out by the professor of the Department of Biology and Healthcare Bosenko Anatoliy Ivanovych. In addition to students, the presentation was attended by teachers of specializedl and non-specialized departments.

The victory of a student of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of the University in a dance competition


At the end of March, the All-Ukrainian Romanesque Dance Competition was held in Poltava. In the category "Youth, Open League" the third place in the duo was won by a student of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of the first year of study at the first (bachelor's) level of specialty 014.08 Secondary education (Physics) Blyudnikova Tetyana Igorivna.

Congratulations on winning the competition, let this competition be another confirmation of your diverse talents and abilities.

Ushynsky University hosts a meeting on the topic: "Introduction of new forms of career guidance work in the context of distance learning"


On April 7, 2021, a meeting was held South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University named after        K.D. Ushynsky with the participation of representatives of faculties and institutes and the psychological service on the topic: "Introduction of new forms of career guidance in distance learning."

During the working meeting the urgency and necessity of career guidance work for the university and its departments were determined; outlined areas of further cooperation that are relevant at the present stage of the educational process; perspective plans of professional orientation for the near period are considered.

A meeting with stakeholders of Anhui University of Finance and Economics


As part of the Memorandum of Cooperation between Anhui University of Finance and Economics and Ushynsky University, an online meeting of faculty members of the Department of Philosophy, Sociology and Management of Socio-Cultural Activities with stakeholders took place on April 6, 2021. On the agenda is the issue of discussing the draft ONP in the specialty 033 "Philosophy" for 2021 - 2022.           Mr. Chen Xi Wu, curator of the project from China, Doctor of Philosophy of the National University of China (Renmin), Professor of Accounting, Head of the Department of International Relations, noted that their research areas include finance, accounting for companies, government and commercial organizations, domestic control and risk management of companies, etc.

All-Ukrainian competition of student scientific works "Management of sports and health-improving activity"


On April 6, 2021 the 2nd round All-Ukrainian competition of student's scientific works "Management of sports and improving activity" took place in Mykolaiv. According to the results of the competition, Ovcharenko Iryna Yuriyivna, a first-year student of the second (master's) level in the specialty 014 secondary education (Physical Culture) of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Sports and Rehabilitation of Ushinsky University received a diploma of the first degree. Scientific adviser, Doctor of Economics Professor Konstantyn Bogatyrev with the work "Management of basketball development in the context of improving sports and health activities in the region."

A victory of the student of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics in the All-Ukrainian competition of scientific works


On April 3, 2020, the All-Ukrainian competition of student research papers in the field of "Information and Communication Technologies in Education" took place at Bohdan Khmelnytsky Melitopol State Pedagogical University.

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