Стипендія Гельмута Шмідта на магістерську програму з публічної політики та державного управління

Німецька служба академічних обмінів (DAAD) відкриває прийом заявок на отримання стипендії Гельмута Шмідта. Стипендійна програма призначена для майбутніх лідерів у державному управлінні, політиці, юриспруденції та економіці. Початок навчання - вересень/жовтень 2019 року. Дедлайн - 31 липня 2018 року (далі - англ.).

Since 2009, the DAAD Helmut-Schmidt-Programme (known as Public Policy and Good Governance) is supporting future leaders from Africa, Latin-America, South Asia and Southeast Asia, Central Asia, from countries in the Middle East as well as from the Ukraine who want to promote democracy and social justice in their home countries. The programme, which is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office, offers the chance to acquire a Master’s degree in Master programmes of particular relevance for the social, political and economic development in the students’ countries of origin. In the light of the principles of Good Governance, highly qualified graduates with a first academic degree are being educated in political science, law, economics and administration and prepared for future leading positions in their home countries. In addition, the scholarship holders will hopefully continue to be qualified contact persons for German politics and economy after their return.

Besides supporting Good Governance and civil society structures in selected partner regions, the Helmut-Schmidt-programme also contributes to the internationalisation of the participating German universities and provides the German fellow students with insights into the world beyond Western industrialized countries.

The programme is open for very well qualified graduates with a first university degree (bachelor or equivalent) who want to actively contribute to the social and economic development of their home countries. It is offered both for young graduates without professional experience and for mid-career professionals.

What is fundable

The scholarships are awarded for selected master´s courses at German institutions of higher education listed below. The study programmes starts in September/October 2019. The courses have an international orientation and are taught in German and/or English. Prior to their study programmes all scholarship holders receive a 6- months-German language course from April 2019 to September 2019. The language courses take place at selected institutes in Germany and usually not at the universities of the selected master´s courses. The language course is compulsory also for those who attend a master´s course taught in English. The scholarship holders are offered a special tutoring at their host institutions financed by DAAD. Furthermore, there is the possibility to attend networking events.

DAAD pays a monthly scholarship rate of currently 850 €. The scholarship also includes contributions to health insurance in Germany. In addition, DAAD grants an appropriate travel allowance and a study and research subsidy as well as rent subsidies and/or allowances for spouses and/or children where applicable. DAADscholarship holders within the Helmut-Schmidt-Programme are 2 exempted from tuition fees.


The main DAAD criteria for selection are the following: the study results so far, knowledge of English (and German), political and social engagement, a convincing description of the subject-related and personal motivation for the study project in Germany and the expected benefit when returning to the home country. The latest university degree should have been obtained during the six years prior to the application for the scholarship. Applicants cannot be considered if they have stayed in Germany for more than 15 months at the time of the application deadline. All master´s courses have further additional requirements that must be fulfilled by the applicants in any case.

Applications have to be submitted in German or English. Please indicate that you are applying for the DAAD Helmut-SchmidtProgramme (Master’s scholarships for Public Policy and Good Governance).

Please submit your applications for the selected master`s courses and for the DAAD scholarship to the respective universities only (not to DAAD). The application period at all 8 universities lasts from June 1 st to July 31st 2018. Applications sent to the DAAD will not be forwarded to the respective course/university. They become property of the DAAD and will NOT be returned. The applicant has no right to claim for reimbursement.

You are allowed to submit your application for up to two master`s courses listed below. Please fill in the DAAD application form only once making clear which study course is your first and which is your second priority. Please send this same application form and the necessary documents listed below to the two universities of your choice. In case your application is sent to more than two universities or if non-specific priorities are given your application will not be accepted. Furthermore, we would like to point out that only complete applications can be accepted.

The necessary documents are:

  • DAAD application form for research grants and study scholarships (please fill in electronically and not written by hand)
  • Hand-signed Motivation letter with current date containing a precise description of the applicant’s academic/professional and personal reasons for choosing this scholarship programme and the universities, two pages maximum
  • Hand-signed full curriculum vitae with current date including information about precise field of study and, if applicable, 3 description of job experience
  • Copies of acquired university degrees (an explanation of the grading system has to be attached)
  • Copies of the transcript of records
  • Copy of the school leaving certificate/high school diploma which entitles holders to study at a university in their home country
  • Recent language certificates (German and English)
  • Two letters of recommendation by university professors and/or current or former employers of recent date, supplemented by signature, official letterhead, stamp (not in a sealed envelope)

Please consider that illegible documents can lead to a formal rejection. If you fail to follow the given procedures, you will be excluded from the application process. The committee selecting the candidates at the end of 2018 consists of professors responsible for the respective study programmes and of representatives from DAAD. All applicants will be informed at the end of the selection process – approx. by the end of December 2018.



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